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Casa Vínculos
Del Almacén Sony 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)
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Centro recursos educativos
  Fondo materiales educativos
  Maletas pedagóg. viajeras
  Fondo bibliográfico
  Fondo multimedia
  Apoyo proyectos innovación
  Apoyo itinerario escolar

Maletas pedagógicas viajeras, diseñadas por Vínculos Estelí en cooperación con maestras de Educación Inicial y diseñadores de Izzy+

A place where you can find games, toys, musical instruments, stories, resources, equipment or materials to use in family, school and community educational situations.
Educational collection of social, pedagogic and psychological books, project reports, multimedia documents, and guides.
Support of educational innovation projects in school, family and
community settings.
  Juegos y juguetes
  Artículos artes plásticas
  Artículos artes escénicas
  Otros materiales educativos
  Artesanía nicaragüense
Venta artesanías
Sale of crafts from around the country gathered in one place.
Our history, tradition, folklore, creativity and talent fused in articles made by prodigious craftsman.
En proyecto
Sales of games, toys, articles of plastic and scenic arts, books and other educational materials.
Lugares de encuentro
  Espacios para
eventos sociales
  Espacios para encuentros y eventos profesionales
Place to share quiet moments with friends or family at breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacking.
Salons, means and resources for personal, family or social celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, etc.
Spaces, facilities and resources to conduct professional meetings or/and community activities.
Shared proposals: workshops, gatherings, concerts, cine-forums,
lectures, presentations, fairs, etc.
Turismo amigable
Hotel La Riviera
Comfortable accommodations in a discreet and familiar setting.
Ir a Hotel La Riviera
En proyecto
Tours, excursions and sightseeing tours within our country.
An opportunity to know, live and share experiences that fit preferences and interests of everyone.
Vínculos Estelí: Supporting contexts and networks to promote the participation of children in their own lives and in the life of the community
Almacén Sony, 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)