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Del Almacén Sony 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)
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Promoción y apoyo de la Innovación educativa
  Práctica reflexiva
  Contextos para la infancia
  Diseño y producción de material educativo
  Centro recursos educativos
Promoción y apoyo de la innovación educativa
Taller "Pensar, experimentar y comunicar en Ciencias en Educación Inicial" Ambientes de aprendizaje en Educación Inicial Apoyo mutuo en el diseño de ambientes de contextos para la infancia Maletas pedagógicas viajeras, diseñadas por Vínculos Estelí en cooperación con maestras de Educación Inicial y diseñadores de Izzy+

Training and support for educators / teachers in action-reflection on their own practice.
Involvement of families and community.
Designing contexts for children: family, school and community.
Design, production and marketing of educational materials. Expansion and management of our educational resource center.
Encouraging active and collaborative participation to promote inclusive, innovative, meaningful learning that is usable in real life.

Ambientes para
compartir y cooperar
  Ambiente familiar
  Ambiente de juego
  Ambiente literario
  Taller multifuncional
  Ambiente de trabajo
Ambientes para compartir y para cooperar
Quiet and pleasant place to find people to share information, tasks, glances and smiles, collaborate, cooperate or
just to have in common
the desire to work.
Confeccionando materiales maleta pedagógica IN PROGRESS:
Surroundings to share and enjoy family activities, affection, hope, joy, time, laughter, touches. Opportunity to strengthen bonds between adults and children and a chance to create relationships with other families.
Escuelas amigas
Escuelas amigas
Building networks of friendship and collaboration between schools in Estelí
and/or any other city or country.
Exchange of experiences, information, artwork, games, stories, etc.
Cooperative creation and edition of stories, games, songbooks, videos and other materials.
Vínculos Estelí: Supporting contexts and networks to promote the participation of children in their own lives and in the life of the community
Almacén Sony, 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)