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Del Almacén Sony 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)
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Logo Vínculos
Reading Educators and teachers Concert

"Vínculos Estelí" was created to provide continuity and sustainability to an educational project of Innovation started in late 2009 in the city of Estelí, Nicaragua.    

It is the desire of educators, teachers and support staff to continue the project, including family and community, and to extend it to other children's centers.
We have therefore constituted "Vínculos Estelí" offering projects, services and activities to facilitate personal, interpersonal and community development.

Dia de la Tierra en el Preescolar "Panamá Soberana"

On the occasion of the
children, families, teachers,
primary school students, students from the
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and "Vínculos Estelí" team were working together sowing seeds and planting plants in the Preschool "Panamá Soberana" playground
and in the street outside Preschool
"La Estrellita del Futuro"

Dia de la Tierra en el Preescolar "Estrellita del Futuro"

GAME FAIR - March 16, 2013
"Vínculos Estelí" invited people of Estelí to his 1st Game Fair in the Plaza-Park Domingo Gadea. Children of all ages, their families and friends had a great time sharing games and other activities in a relaxed and cooperative environment.   read

Building A baby having fun Painting a mask Family solving a puzzle


Vínculos Estelí: Supporting contexts and networks to promote the participation of children in their own lives and in the life of the community
Almacén Sony, 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)