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Del Almacén Sony 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)
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Haz donación de juegos, juguetes, libros u otros materiales
Niños nicaragüenses armando un puzzle Niñas nicaragüenses haciendo teatro de títeres

Those toys, board games, puppets, musical instruments, costumes, which you enjoyed with friends, with mom, with dad, your sister, your brother, grandfather when you were younger…now could make Nicaraguan children have fun and learn as you did.

Those storybooks that you read or looked up and transported you to imaginary worlds, provided knowledge and made you laugh or mourn ... Those storybooks you shared with mom, with dad, your sister, your brother, grandmother, ...Those storybooks now could make Nicaraguan children live what you lived.

To make donations contact: vinculos@vinculosesteli.org

Niños y niñas nicaragüenses leyendo cuentos

Haz donación de libros y materiales multimedia para maestros/as y familiares

       Psychological, pedagogic books or materials based on different learning techniques can be useful for teachers and family

             To make donations contact: vinculos@vinculosesteli.org



Vínculos Estelí: Supporting contexts and networks to promote the participation of children in their own lives and in the life of the community
Almacén Sony, 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)