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Del Almacén Sony 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)
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From November 2009 to August 2012, the educational project of Innovation in Community Preschool and Public Preschool in Estelí was full of activities, processes, progress, decreases, incorporations, achievements,... Between them we emphasize los the training courses and workshops; de intalation of learning environement participative, collaborative and cooperative in schools; the action-reflection on own practice; mutual support on processes.

Trainig courses and workshops
Music in Early Childhood Education Tales and Stories Thinking, experience and communicat science

Concierto Original
Singing sons; reciting and orchestrating poems; listen, analyze and express musical works or creating small compositions they are ways for Music Education in the infant stage


The magic of the tales and stories.
Listen, tell, remember, represent.
Let your imagination fly, create.

Contar historias

Planteando hipótesis
Obsrving facts and phenomena. Asking yourself questions, inquire into, hypothesizing, comparing, test, verify, thinking. Exchanging ideas, discuss them, incorporating suggestions. To decide.
Try it again.

Instalación de Ambientes de aprendizaje
Cooperation and mutual support Design, action and thinking in practice la práctica

Children enjoy the innovation


Vínculos Estelí: Supporting contexts and networks to promote the participation of children in their own lives and in the life of the community
Almacén Sony, 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, ESTELÍ (Nicaragua)